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A fresh approach to venture capital investing

Odysseus Ventures

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An alternative manager with a venture capital mindset

Odysseus Alternative Ventures is a new generation Venture Builder, actively creating and facilitating the transformation of nimble, disruptive financial services technology companies into genuine scale players.

Through the power of its network, OAV sources and structures opportunities for family offices, institutions, and HNWs to participate as partners or co-investors in the nurturing of these potential winners. Investors are offered a choice of direct or diversified VC type exposure and access to the deep pool of alternative assets that these businesses are generating as they grow their book of customers and seek to manage their liabilities and risk.

Uniquely, with its network of offices, a multidisciplinary team and pan-European reach, OAV brings investors opportunities across multiple geographies, and a variety of sub-sectors within the rapidly evolving fintech universe, focusing on worthwhile customer propositions and genuine potential to achieve Continent-wide scale. By taking significant stakes in those businesses at an early stage, it is able to play a dynamic role in their management and development, leveraging its structuring expertise, connectivity and experience to power their growth.

It is this blended, holistic approach that is the hallmark of the Odysseus philosophy and a proven formula for success.