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Driving investment
growth through innovation


Odysseus Investments, part of Reech Corporations Group, is a growth investor and asset builder across financials and technology, facilitating the creation of new markets by the digitisation of traditional sectors.


We concentrate in the traditional finance, banking (wholesale and retail), insurance, real estate and infra tech sectors, focussing on opportunities with proven business models that will benefit from our experience in technology, financial structuring or scaling. 

As a growth partner we’re not afraid to participate in multiple rounds of investments and believe our multi-stage approach allows us to provide real long term growth and drive value back into our portfolio companies.

As the investment arm of Reech Corporations Group, we have access to extended global influence and market expertise. We have the ability to originate significant off market deal flow and use our own proprietary technology to filter investments at scale. 

With our active approach and asset builder mentality we’re striving to grow considerable assets, whilst driving rapid innovation and digitisation within the finance and technology sectors.


Odysseus Investments creates long term value through building game-changing companies that engineer innovative solutions within finance, banking, insurance and real estate sectors.

With the collective resource and expertise that Odysseus provides, our companies shape the future of finance and technology.

Whitebox is a leading digital asset and investment manager in Germany. They offer bespoke investment strategies, portfolio and risk management services. They developed a highly scalable investment platform for high-end investors.
FinanzRitter is the first German digital broker to provide automated insurance consultancy, management and sales. They offer a full-suite solution for both insurance brokers and policy buyers.
Coadjute - Odysseus Investments

Coadjute’s blockchain platform is an open network which connects the businesses that take part in property transactions. It enables buyers, sellers and professionals involved in the property process to synchronise events and alerts in real-time, and securely share messages and documents with each other.

RE5Q a Real Estate Data and Technology platform using AI and analytics to enable the transformation of Real Estate and associated industries. RE5Q is a B2B business enabler, operating across multiple industries and regions.


We’re an entrepreneurial team with deep expertise in financials and technology and are actively engaged in building assets with dynamic management teams. As the investment arm of Reech Corporations Group, we have access to extended global influence and market expertise, supporting the growth of our companies.

London Office - Odysseus Investments