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A fresh approach to venture capital investing

Odysseus Ventures

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Combining the mindset of an alternative manager with the vision of venture capital

We are living through a period of unparalleled business creativity. Accelerating technological change, an abundance of venture capital, and increasing social acceptability of entrepreneurship as a viable career option are combining to create the perfect conditions for an explosion of new, technology driven companies seeking to disrupt traditional industries.

The ambition of Odysseus Alternative Ventures (OAV) is to be the catalyst behind the creation of the new nimbler, disruptive companies which will emerge as part of that revolution to displace the existing sclerotic providers of financial services. It will provide them with the pools of capital needed to fund their activities at scale, and the expertise and venture capital they need to grow.

Odysseus Alternative Ventures will be a new kind of Venture Builder, an organization dedicated to support new companies in their development and growth, guiding them through tasks that go from identifying and developing business ideas to supporting those companies in their growth stages.

However, unlike traditional Venture Builders, OAV will seek to acquire significant stakes in growth stage technology startups and have an active role in the management of those companies, in order to fully capitalize on the team’s vast experience in building up ventures in the financial services sector.

This means Odysseus will bring not just capital but also expertise to the companies in which it choses to invest, providing the necessary support to ensure that they can achieve their potential, and deliver good returns.