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A fresh approach to venture capital investing

We are living through a period of unparalleled business creativity. Accelerating technological change, an abundance of venture capital, and increasing social acceptability of entrepreneurship as a viable career option are combining to create the perfect conditions for an explosion of new, technology driven companies seeking to disrupt traditional industries.

Capturing the outsized returns that can be made by backing these future winners is far from straightforward. In addition to the challenge of successfully identifying, at an early stage, those companies that will succeed from among the many that will fail, fundholders face real issues around being able to invest at real scale while remaining invested in related underlying asset classes which are being disrupted –  all the while needing to hedge adequately against the impact of those same disruptors. 

This is precisely the multifaceted problem that Christophe Reech and Minh Q Tranh, the founders of Odysseus Alternative Ventures were seeking to address with the creation of this innovative new framework, one that has been expressly designed to enable investors to achieve scale exposure to a range of traditional, alternative and tech venture capital assets.

By giving investors access to niche alternative funds in exciting new sectors not covered by traditional firms  – sectors such as finTech, propTech, asset and wealth Tech, insureTech –  alongside exposure to the relevant underlying asset classes, and in a form which allows them to deploy substantial funds without diluting returns or losing focus, Odysseus Alternative Ventures offers a structure that allows investors the possibility of superior returns at genuine scale.

Initially focused on developed markets, where dissatisfaction with existing providers has created fertile ground for innovation to flourish,  Odysseus Alternative Ventures sees considerable potential in  emerging markets where the absence of legacy infrastructure has enabled new players to leapfrog ahead.