Financial Services, Technology, Real Estate
Christophe Reech, has over 27 years experience in investment banks, derivatives, financial technology, real estate finance and alternative investment management.
In 2006, Christophe founded the Reech Corporations Group, a family group and global investment corporation that aims to deliver superior and consistent uncorrelated returns in Financial Services, Disruptive and Financial Technology, and Real Estate. In 2007, he created a joint venture with CBRE, the world leader in real estate services, to launch the Iceberg fund, a real estate Hedge fund. The Iceberg fund returned more than 90% to investors between 2007 and 2012.
Odysseus Investments operates as the Venture Capital and Private Equity division of the Group, focused mainly on Disruptive and/or Financial Technology areas.
In 1999, Christophe established Reech Capital PLC, a worldwide expert in financial derivatives analytics, complex derivatives valuations, and alternative investment risk management.
In 2002, Time Magazine ranked Christophe as one of the 'Top 25 European Innovators’. The following year Capital IT ranked his venture as one of the 'Top 30 European Innovating Companies’. Later in 2004, he was awarded by Risk Magazine the 'Risk Technologist of the Year' Award. SunGard acquired the group in 2004.
Prior to this, Christophe was a co-founder of the Financial Products division of Nikko Securities in London where he headed up the Equity Derivatives and Equity Finance department, and was also an Executive Director at Commerz Financial Products GmbH.
He started his career at Paribas Capital Markets in London as Director and Global Head of Equity finance. Christophe graduated from the National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA) in France in Computer Sciences, Maths, and Physics.



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Odysseus Investments is the Venture Capital and Private Equity Division

of the Reech Corporations Group. 

Our approach is to focus on very specific sectors in which the senior management of the Group has solid experience, deep understanding, and influence.

Currently these sectors are Financial Services, Technology, and Real Assets.

Our unique approach is to be an active and involved investor. Odyssseus Investments Funds are not just investors, they partner with entrepreneurs leveraging our financial strength, network, influence, information, and knowledge.


Specializing in Financial Services, Technology, and Real Assets






    Odysseus FinTech Ventures I is an “interventionist” Luxembourg based venture capital fund focused on disrupted sectors and disintermediation of the Financial Services industry. Investments are targeted to Lead Seed, Serie A, and possibly Serie B with a geographical focus of 55% Europe, 35% North America, and 10% Rest of the World.

    • Wealth & Asset management​

    • Insurance

    • Retail Banking and Consumer Finance

    • Payments

    • Blockchain

    • Crypto-currency

    • Capital markets & Trading

    • Corporate banking

    • Big Data

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