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Investment Themes


FinTech is a generic name for newly emerging companies which represent a significant, and potentially industry disruptive challenge to incumbent financial services providers.


PropTech is a collective term for companies offering technologically innovative products or applying new business models to the real estate industry.


WealthTech is a segment within FinTech that offers technologically innovative products for both asset and wealth management investors and advisors (private and institutional).


InsurTech is a collective term used to define companies offering technologically innovative products, solutions or new business models for the Insurance sector.


Impact investing is about investing to generate a positive social and environment impact and at the same time, positive financial returns.


Access to Odysseus’ extensive knowledge and network in the sector in order to find and invest in the most promising companies in FinTech and its underlying sectors benefit from the team’s vast experience in the Venture Capital field and the ensuing expertise in guiding early ventures as they seek to achieve genuine scale.