WealthTech is a segment within FinTech focused on improving asset and wealth management industries, by offering technologically innovative products for both asset and wealth management investors and advisors (private and institutional).

  • These innovations are being applied across the entire asset and wealth management value chain from the increase in back-office efficiency, to the establishment of front office processes focused on client centric solutions and experience
  • WealthTech companies aim to use new and developing technologies to revolutionize the wealth management industry, improving efficiency for incumbent operators and competitiveness and transparency for customers
  • Currently, the wealth management industry is characterized by intense competition, fee compression, stricter regulation, and increasingly demanding customer expectations, leading to an increased demand for sophisticated and customized, services delivered at ever lower cost
  • The wealth management sector has recognized how customers’ changing needs can be addressed through technological developments in areas such as Big Data (Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence), investment portfolio construction and management, and financial advice, the growth of new investible asset classes
  • The innovative solutions provided by WealthTech startups are threatening to revolutionize the sector, by developing new and more transparent advisory models, new ways to engage with new clients and managing client relationships and risks, leading to gains in efficiency and profitability.